The company began to enter the prefabricated building construction industry in 1997, and is the earliest independent research and development in the field of steel structure prefabricated building construction in China
One of the enterprises.

With the continuous innovation and expansion of the company's business in the field of prefabricated housing intelligent manufacturing, in order to build the company's entire industrial chain intensification and sustainable development, reflecting the "four new" concept of "new technology, new technology, new materials, new equipment", since 2019, the company has been based on the existing R & D and production base, pooling the strength of everyone and gathering the wisdom of hundreds of people. It has built the "Western China Agricultural Tourism prefabricated Housing Industrial Park", and strives to build a research and development and production base of prefabricated housing intelligent manufacturing.

Company products: low-rise steel structure prefabricated buildings, homestay hotels, egg houses, space capsules, wooden houses, houseboats, tents, containers, Kiosks, public toilets, indoor and outdoor decorative materials, etc.

Company status: The industrial park has achieved a total output value of 780 million yuan. Products radiate western provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, and expand to the "Belt.
"All the way" countries (Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Russia, Guinea, Uganda) cultural tourism, agricultural tourism, new rural construction, urban centralized resettlement, disaster prevention and relief, toilet revolution and other construction fields. The industrial park has 20+ design units, 100+ construction units, 1000+ material units and 50+ supporting facilities units.
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